Smell of women's tears reduces aggression in men

The part that sits weird with me is that it feels like they structured the study based on certain assumptions about how women’s biology and emotional expression work.

It would be like if early studies into blood transfusions concluded “anemic women show promising health benefits after receiving blood from healthy men.” Sure, OK. But framing it that way would imply that there was something unique about men’s blood that provided strength to women.


Pfft. What are you talking about? Men don’t cry. /s

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If some aggressive man is close enough to sniff my tears, I already don’t like those odds.
But if something can be extracted from this eventually, and used to de-escalate male aggression, I’m all for it.




Same but I think it’s unlikely to be found it women’s tears. Maybe transdermal antipsychotics… But anything that works well isn’t going to be readily available to most people. The last thing we need is DV homeopathy.

“It’s a shame she’s dead but she should have cried harder…”


They only hit until you cry
After that you don’t ask why
You just don’t argue anymore

S. Vega


When they breathe?

(In relatively close proximity.)

ETA Also

The chemicals in tears are unlikely to have much impact on the social interactions of adults, Sobel concedes, but he speculates that the composition of tears may have evolved to protect vulnerable babies.

“Babies can’t say: ‘Stop being aggressive towards me’. They are very limited in their ability to communicate, and they are helpless as well. They have a vested interest in lowering aggression and that reflects the sad reality of aggression towards babies,” he said.

It would be interesting to know if there are any outliers who experience this either particularly strongly or atypically weakly.

That obviously wouldn’t be exculpatory in any sense; if you freely act on whatever aggression you feel you’re a solidly terrible person regardless of how quickly or slowly a biochemical mechanism you aren’t aware of attenuates the amount of aggression you are acting on; but if there is a difference in sensitivity it seems like it could have a pretty substantial effect on the behavior of people who don’t feel any intellectual or ethical constraints that would cause them to refrain from acting on aggression; but with some having the aggression they are acting on attenuated biochemically once they’ve reached the point of coercive violence and others seeing no attenuation.

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The abstract is clear that the researchers extrapolated from rodent tears to human tears and found a similar, testosterone reducing effect. It was nothing to do specifically with women versus men, that’s an exciting spin put on the story to make it newspaper friendly.

I feel that Justin Timberlake requires an unreasonable amount of tears to calm down.

Even with every person on Earth shedding tears, the amount of liquid needed to generate what could be considered a river could not be achieved.

wow! does it work with castor oil too?

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