Smiley Face binder clips

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Those are super cute, but for the projects I’ve done that actually require a binder clip a little face shooting itself in said super adorbs face would be more appropriate. A death by 1000 paper-cuts would be better still if the engraving machine had that resolution.

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of course, i just bought a lifetime supply of binder clips, and now i see these : (



For when the old standby of a couple googly eyes and possibly a pipecleaner for eyebrows isn’t good enough.


My monster face chip clips could eat all those guys.

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Finally, an excuse to repost that cute video from facebook!

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…and I just purchased a bag of unpainted shiny SS clips. I like 'em.

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re.: #11


This is going to make doing my TPS reports so much more fun (now that I have finally remembered to put covers on them.)

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