My collection of card presses


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I’ll add this to the “Things I never knew existed but now I want one” list.


How many other knickknacks are on the Boing-Utility-Belt? That thing must weigh a ton. No wonder TSA doesn’t like you.

No belt. Pockets. Rather than do whats in “Jason’s travel bag” we’d have to do what is in “Jason’s Trialmaster.”

Magicians most often refer to these are card clips and some of the nicest ones are made by the great craftsman Joe Porper. These are available from Dan & Dave:

I’m particularly enamored of the Carbon Clip:, though the Abalone and Woody are pretty sweet, too.

Pockets or pouches?

Here’s a recent shot of Jason and Rob:


See Also the 90s version:

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To be fair, TSA pretty much hates everything :wink:

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