Smithsonian scientist Harrison Dyar spent 20 years digging hidden tunnels under Washington D.C

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It turned out he was just building a scale model of an ant farm.


Reminds me of James Williamson’s unexplained tunnels in Liverpool.

[Grr! I’ve done it again!
Sorry: that wasn’t intended as a direct reply to Vert.]

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So we’re obviously talking about Lovecraftian ghouls aren’t we?

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You beat me to it :smiley: Williamson’s tunnels are such an excellently eccentric idea, and on such a huge scale too. I like the idea of buying a house, only to find that one room is missing because some nutjob has built a tunnel through it. Also the tale of an inspection pit in a garage where all the oily rags were pushed in to a crack in the floor and just vanished. After years of doing this, they finally discovered they had filled a huge shaft with flammable fabric.

On a sightly related front, friends of friends bought a cottage called “Tan Pit Cottage”. It was only after a huge hole opened up in the middle of the lawn, that they discovered the cottage had been built on top of a timber lid covering a massive pit; and the wood was rotting away.


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