Smoking tri-tip on a bullet smoker

Careful with offset smokers. Almost anyone I’ve met who bought one, besides the new car expensive customs. Ended up returning or selling it not long after.

Weber kettles and Smokey Mountains have a 10 year warranty on the bowl, sides and lid.

I don’t know firsthand how easy it is to use the warranty, but the Internet grilling/smoking/BBQ community usually has good things to say about the process.

Oh yeah, you gotta be careful in choosing them. I’ve used the predecessor to the longhorn for years, and if maintained they work really well. The biggest problem is that it can be hard to keep a constant temperature on windy days. The thin steel construction lets a lot of heat dissipate into the wind. That’s why the expensive custom smokers are so much better. They use thicker gauge steel that holds onto the heat better.

But the longhorn smoker is still a decent buy. Most of the other cheap offset smokers out there are complete crap.

I just feel like for $500 you could get a lot of smoker with fewer provisos by going with a different format. But I’ve never like offsets much.

Could probably wrap it in some kind heat resistant insulator. Should keep it hot and shield it from wind.

I throw tarps over my little electric fish smoker as a wind break, its generally all that’s needed cause you’re just trying to keep the moving air from direct contact with the metal. Unless its really cold. And there are insulated smoker jackets and blankets that are a little more heat resistant.

And Reflectix and other reflective HVAC insulations seem to be a favorite among home brewers and people looking to improve cheap smokers.

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