Snake swims around wearing head of decapitated fish


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I am giant crazy fish head snake! GIMME SOME CANDY!


That fish knew it was a snake when he first let it in.



Can the snake see out thru the fishes mouth? Can he see where he is going?


It is, as the old proverb would have it, a snake in fish’s clothing.


What’s so wrong about swimming around wearing head of a decapitated fish?


I like this snake. For some snakes, Halloween is every day!


Al-Jorgensnake and his band, Reptile Ministry?



Snake is a fan of Dr. Demento, hence this




“Ima fish! Ima fish! Ima fish!”


I think we’re overlooking the obvious, evolutionary explanation: who the fuck is going to mess with a snake that wears a fish-skull helmet?


Snakey just wanted a snack! We had a mean ass garter for a while that my son caught that would definitely have done that. You could barely feed him fish chunks with long tongs because he was so crazy. Lesson learned, don’t keep a garter than doesn’t calm down fast when you catch him! Sane garters are actually great pets, better than boas and pythons in a lot of ways. And some of the variants are stunning!


Poor snek!


Not half as horrifying as a snakehead fish.



Go home snake, you’re drunk.


Maybe the snake just wanted to attend a better school?


It’s kind of cute in it’s own, monstrous way :slight_smile: