SNL is now paying its live studio audience to get around COVID regulations

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You’d expect better from a production making fun of others doing similar things …


I honestly believe that the very unique frenzied production model of SNL wouldn’t work without a live audience at the shows. But of course that means they should go on hiatus, not circumvent the rules


They could also just go for taped laughter :joy:


It’s murky, but I wouldn’t go so far as to feel outraged. If they’re paying $150 for a 5-hour night-time gig, that’s decent work for a lot of people, which is presumably the spirit of the rule – that a small increase in risk can be justified if it serves people’s ability to pay their bills.

You could certainly use this as a parable to examine what’s wrong with our economy, but even a socialist utopia would still have to balance public health with economic activity; there isn’t any black-and-white moral position on that. Of all the ways the state could insulate Comcast from the effects of the pandemic, letting them buy off members of the public directly is among the least offensive.


Last Will and Testament: Should I fall mortally ill during a sketch that goes on seemingly forever after the premise was milked dry: Do Not Resuscitate.

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I understand they have to take a rapid covid test, too. And they are sitting in small sections.

It sounds pretty safe to me.

Does anyone known if $150 is scale?


Getting paid to suffer is a good idea, actually.

Mmm … I would have assumed that the spirit of the rule was that no one should be there unless it’s part of their job/they are required for the [work] to proceed.

They are clearly obeying the letter of the rule. I have more difficulty with their interpretation of the spirit.

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not great but i do think it’s worth noting that most outbreaks, including those around the white house, have seemed to involve people not wearing masks. And they are at least requiring that. which is more than can be said in public places in a lot of states right now.

Are you telling me NYC liberal progressives are actually hypocritical assholes? Say it ain’t so. And no, this isn’t an umbrella indictment that is about “owning the liberals” although neoliberalism can be very annoying… It’s just that for everyone that was yucking it up because Trump is a fucking moron who should be immediately kicked to the curb and is an idiot, loser ass, many of us have been waiting for these entertainment industry morons to do anything beyond paying lip service in such a way that is always palatable to and secures ratings with the suburban middle class crowd.

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