Colbert parodies the lifted airlines mask mandate with "A Covid Celebration"

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I have to travel a fair bit for work and this development is pissing me off.

I’m still recovering from Covid that I caught from a coworker that thought he was too important to stay home while sick, and I ended up off work for nearly three weeks. It’s been over a month now, and the last time I coughed up phlegm and had chest pain like this was when I was a pack a day smoker two decades ago.

My vaccinated dad has it now after someone sent their sick kids to my nieces’ daycare. He has risk factors for age, heart, and lung issues, with cancer in remission. He can’t take the medications for Covid because they conflict with his existing meds, so he has to power through. Someone is supposed to call him to go and get antibodies on a drip, but we’re still waiting. He’s pretty miserable right now but holding on.

I’m not an American (or a Briton) and am extremely frustrated that the country where I live has recently decided to abandon strategies that were working and follow those countries’ approach to let it rip.

“Deaths and cases are way down” get repeated over and over again, without acknowledging that we basically made it impossible for coroners to classify Covid as a contributor to death while simultaneously ending public testing availability and refusing to accept at-home test results. Nearly everyone I know has become very, very sick since our local mask mandate was lifted last month… even those of us who have kept wearing them but are constantly surrounded by people who won’t.


The speed at which airlines immediately complied tells you everything you need to know about their disregard to customers. Airlines don’t give a f’k about so-called “passenger safety”.


Cases are ticking up a bit, it seems, and a nationwide medical decision was made by a…checks notes…activist judge from the Federalist Society. We truly are in living in Idiocracy.


Expect a whole lot of bullshit narratives about how “people don’t want to work” whenever they have staffing shortages and planes are grounded, too.


I know he is trying to reassure his audience, but I’d prefer influential people to NOT say “I’m feeling fine”. It sends a message inconsistent with the effort to put down Covid.

“I feel real sick and I am worried it will get worse and maybe I have undiagnosed pre-existing conditions and I fear Long Covid and maybe I’m making a new variant and maybe I’ve infected my family” would be more honest. “It’s no big deal” encourages us to drop our guard.


I’m a big fan of Colbert but I just have to note that for his studio audience mask wearing is optional, which was a controversial decision when they went back to filming with live audiences.

Edit: my mistake. That was their policy last year but the current policy does require masks at all times. Please disregard.

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I really dislike wearing masks, I’ll admit. But I had/have no problem wearing them for the health of (mostly) others because I’m not a psychopath, and there may be a slight benefit to the wearer, too. It’s such a minor inconvenience when compared with the alternative. That being said, I’d love to drop the mask mandates - when it’s backed by the advice of the majority of medical and scientific experts.

Having it dropped by a judge, though, under the rather flimsy pretense of “buuuht yoo cannat tellll ME whut tuh doooo! Cahhnstuhtoooshun!” is the most insane things I’ve ever heard. I guess this extremely shortsighted and selfish view is not confined to the USians, it seems.

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