Snoop is pumped about #Happy420 Day, as you can see in this video clip


Wow, he’s way too excited about celebrating Hitler’s birthday.

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I had no idea he smoked pot.


Dang. How much money is in those bags?

Street value of about $600,000 going by police metrics.

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Snoop is playing in Denver tonight just across the street from my office. We’ve been watching the cloud of smoke rising from the area. Looking forward to about 40 mins from now…

He doesn’t “smoke it” so much as “saturate his entire being within it.” If pot was Melange then Snoop would be a third stage Spacing Guild Navigator.



Yeah, I generally find, and this goes with anything, not just pot, that the ones who make it a lifestyle are the most annoying.

The fourth day of the twentieth month? You Americans and your weird, middle-endian, dates.

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