Snot nosed egg separator


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Hello future white elephant gift.




I showed this to my wife and now I’m getting a divorce, apparently.


I’m really trying to come up with a justification for buying this but the closes I could come to using it would be the dozen or so times a year I make an omelette and I really don’t care much for egg white omelettes.

I’m sure a baker would use it, especially if said baker had kids or granndkids to amuse.


No baker worth her salt would use such a contrivance. The good FSM gave us two hands for a reason.\

Edited to add: I’m still getting one of these because it’s awesome, not because I’ll use it.



[insert a snotty comment]


like I said if the baker is doing it with kids as a parent or grandparent it’s for show. There are plenty of things competent cooks do for show or for the fun of it.


Your reasonable response and understandable logic is getting in the way of me enjoying being snarky, though!


You might get more use out of the runny nose soap dispenser…


Speak for yourself, I would use the hell out of that! I would learn to make meringue just so I could use my snot-spout!


I’m with you on this but I also know my wife well enough to know that is never going to happen. :blush:


Apparently discontinued:

“Hose Nose” is a new offering from San Diego, CA-based Kandy Kastle. The nose is filled with “Candy Slime”. It appears to have elastic straps on the back, as if you’re supposed to wear it over your real nose.

The package is marked, “Catch It On Your Tongue”, presumbly allowing you to wear a novelty nose that leaks sugary mucus on your mouth. A different kind of nose candy!

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