Snowden doesn't appear in Google's top 2013 searches


I think it is just fallout from Snowden refusing to give google+ his phone number.


I read everything about Snowden, but never search his name. I read Google news and click on all of the links for Snowden articles. People who do the same aren’t factored into this equation.


It’s a sorry state of a country you have there if you have to automatically assume that a major corporation does the bidding of the government and suppresses information about a whistleblower.

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Perhaps because many of us are actually talking about this. Scary, I know.

Apparently new iPhones and dead actors are more important.

Also, I guess a lot of people who are really interested in Snowden and the implications don’t use G00gle anymore.


Fake lists. If they published the real top searches they would all be porn.


That and “Facebook login”.


I just checked Zeitgeist. Edward Snowden is listed at #97 in the top 100 searches. Perhaps the results are regional?

To people who actually paid attention to what congress was doing after 9/11, it wasn’t news to find out about the way intelligence services were told to do things. Also, to people who have even a basic understanding of information tech, it wasn’t news that the cops had to be looking at everyone they passed to notice the guys running out the back of the liquor store with a sack.

tl:dr, sorry, we’re just not that into him.

Neither did Barack Obama. Who clearly still thinks he’s major subject of debate. It seems that some smug entitled WaPo “journalist” has just disabused him of that notion.

That’ll show him.

What an idiot.

There’s no need for conspiracy theories, he’s right there at #97.



Brian Fung suggests that maybe the world doesn’t care about Snowden. Conspirancy theorists might ask whether Google has tweaked the zeitgeist report.

Honestly, Cory, this is on par with something you’d read in the Mail.

While the thing we’re reporting says X, some might say that actually it’s all a big conspiracy.


The original article was interesting enough with trolling for the conspiracy angle.


Snowden is great, but does it really matter how much his name is searched? I’d think it would be more interesting to know how much “NSA” is searched for instead.


Brian Fung suggests that maybe the world doesn’t care about Snowden. Conspirancy theorists might ask whether Google has tweaked the zeitgeist report.

I ask whether anyone has trouble finding more than enough about Snowden without having to do a websearch. Even if you think he did the world a service, the interesting part of the story is the NSA, not him.


Snowden made it very clear that this whole thing was not about him. It’s about what the governments have been doing and our right to know about it.

He has tried his best to keep a low profile and so I say good for him.

We don’t “have to assume” that. Some do. Might say more about them. (And I’m sometimes one of them.) In this case, I kinda doubt Google’s all that interested in suppressing Snowden searches.

from people who are know-it-alls: we already knew that and everything we did was “for your own good”.

as to your “basic” computer literacy… define technology as current.

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