Snowden: Dropbox is an NSA surveillance target, use Spideroak instead


DailyKos has been around since the beginning of political blogging, and that’s pretty much what the discussions are like. If that’s what it took to rally the masses, I’d think the masses would be quite thoroughly rallied by now.


I’m thinking Mike Moore.

Don’t let the facts get in the way if a pile of bullshit will help people revise their opinions in a more appropriate direction; the only thing to be concerned about is the tactic backfiring.

Surely it’s time to give up on trying to win hearts and minds with facts and reason. Look at the runs on the board.

Or rather, you employ the facts and reason to identify the most effective brainhacks. Otherwise we’re going up against a nuclear arsenal with rocks and spears.

Emulating the dirty tricks the bad guys have developed into a fine art, for non-evil ends, is in its infancy.


Use Bittorrent Sync for folder syncing using strong encryption, no middleman server, unlimited space, and zero cost: The only feature it’s lacking is the share-link that Dropbox and others are offering.


I’ve been meaning to set up Owncloud on my web server for a while but haven’t got round to it yet. From what I’ve read it sounds pretty decent.


If you are going to run your own server, why use the proprietary ‘bittorrent sync’(the original bittorrent protocol is freely available and implemented under a variety of licenses, ‘bittorrent sync’ is currently available only from BitTorrent Inc. and you can’t even use the API without their permission, so they attempt to claim) instead of OwnCloud?


You don’t have to use a server with Bittorrent Sync. You can put it on two or more devices and keep an arbitrary folder synched between them.


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