Snowden: US attorney general promises not to torture me if I return to US


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And even that promise is probably a lie.


Yes I will not Torture you, I would however like you to meet my friend who will…


Ha, good thing waterboarding is not torture!

  • Trump declared he’d embrace waterboarding “in a heartbeat” because “it works”.
  • Cruz: Waterboarding is “enhanced interrogation, it is vigorous interrogation but it does not meet the generally recognized definition of torture”.


What about the next AG? The AG changes with a new president, and I think most modern presidencies have had at least two appointed AGs during their tenures. (GWB had three appointed and an additional three “acting” AGs.) One AG isn’t beholden to a previous AG’s policies.


We won’t use techniques that would be out of place in the prison system as it exists today, We won’t promise that we won’t shock the conscience.


And in additional news, “the white mouse will not explode.”


I’m curious what Putin is doing in the context of Snowden. I’m sure his location is being tracked, and I’m sure they’re trying to infiltrate his comm vectors, but other than that I’d like to know how Putin’s trying to use Snowden to his advantage.


Yes, but did he pinky swear.


Is the generally recognized definition “accurate”? Is the generally recognized definition useful?

What’s the generally recognized definition of “General Relativity”?



Well played :wink:


hmm . . . I imagine the promise not to torture was made by someone who thinks extended time in solitary confinement is totally okay.

not coming back seems pretty sensible


The US prosecuted Japanese soldiers for waterboarding. US military field manuals specifically list it as torture and forbid it. It most certainly DOES meet the generally recognized definition of torture, the only significant exception being among Republican presidential candidates.

(During the 2012 election Republican candidates Bachmann, Cain, Perry and Santorum each called for torture to resume. Mr. Romney’s advisers privately urged him to call for a resumption of torture. Presumably Ron Paul thought that torture is an issue that should be left to the states.)

In the best spirit of Ted Cruz’s claim: Ted Cruz is a steaming pile of excrement of a human being, ranging from being a comically dishonest demagogue to probably a closet pedophile. Which is vigorous criticism, but does not meet the generally recognized definition of insulting.



“Merely an enhanced frank exchange of ideas.”




I would say “trust” is a huge factor in that decision. Choose wisely Snowden…


Was it a pinkie promise?



Yeah I LOLd at that too. Spot on.