Snowdenbot performs tele-diagnosis and offers aid to reporter who had first epileptic seizure


A sandbag? They have sandbags in the office? Maybe a beanbag pillow?

Edward Snowden Tele-Shock Reveals Dalek-Death-Panel, Remote Medical ‘Diagnosis Unit’ Conspiracy.


It’s called “Der Tagesspiegel” not “Der Tagesspeiggel”…

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I was going to note “Photographers use sandbags to stabilize tripods, light stands, etcetera. Hence, when there are media types around, there may also be sandbags.” However, checking (English translation) Julia Prosinger - He is not alone, it does indeed now read “I wake up, my head lies bedded on a bean bag, my body is in the recovery position.” It also has a different number for when Snowden was first diagnosed with epilepsy: “He tells me that he was only diagnosed when he was 28 years old.”

On the other hand, the German version still reads “Ich wache auf, mein Kopf liegt auf einen Sandsack gebettet, mein Körper in der stabilen Seitenlage.” I don’t speak German any more, but checking a German-English dictionary, it looks like “Sandsack” does indeed mean “sand bag” rather than bean bag. (It is Jonglageball that means bean bag, unless you sit on it, in which case it’s Sitzsack.)

Maybe it’s a leftover from Hurricane Sandy?

“When Snowden does a pushup, he’s not lifting his body up - he’s pushing the Earth down.”

I mark today as the moment when we started swapping Snowden into all the old Chuck Norris jokes. He’s the official superhero badass of the 21st century.


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