So, an AI can write poetry and fake news alright

Any literary criticism to the poems?

And did someone already set up all possible “social” media accounts for Rina S. Zaretsky?

I suggest they are talking about @beschizza when they say “that the immediate risk of malicious use is too high to simply dump it on the net for anyone to use”, but also when they say “But I cannot wait to see what creativity and imagination look like in a world where everyone has access to systems like this and its successors.”

I’ll bet that this AI trained on @doctorow’s books and blogposts would write a gripping short story about the importance of bananas in the process of copyright trolling and internet censorship.

And I wonder what would happen if we fed it @Flossaluzitarin’s contributions to the BB BBS.

Bottom line: holy shit, batman.


Who wrote this post?
How can I tell?

Did the AI put out the Press release!?


“I have a term for this. The escalator from hell,” Clark said. “It’s always bringing the technology down in cost and down in price. The rules by which you can control technology have fundamentally changed.

“We’re not saying we know the right thing to do here, we’re not laying down the line and saying ‘this is the way’ … We are trying to develop more rigorous thinking here. We’re trying to build the road as we travel across it.”

AI generated or spontaneous flow of consciousness MBA/tech bro BS? Who can tell.


5 Bitcoin says the Bold Type is the Bro.

Is that a good deal any more…?

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Thought similarly, but still.

On the internet, nobody can tell you’re a dog anyway, but at least a dog has a nose.

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The vast collection of text weighed in at 40 GB,

They say that like it was a lot. The big question is: Does it take a lot of processor power, and can you repurpose old BitCoin mining rigs for it?

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There’s a follow-up.

AI can write just like me. Brace for the robot apocalypse


I’m quite skeptical about any automaton with a hidden compartment. I don’t buy the notion that it’s too dangerous to release it, because however amazing it is, it’s still nowhere near as capable at writing convincing fake news as a roomful of european teenagers, and not much cheaper.

I wrote a short story about a poem-writing automaton that was, perhaps, perhaps, given a helping hand by its creator.


Sorry to be serious once in a while, but I think however bogus their argument might seem, scalability is an issue. You can get some teenagers write some fake news. But repurpose some bitcoin farms with a system which writes convincing tweets and fake info - I’m not only talking “news” here, mind! - and today’s fake whatever woes are going to look like :peanuts: suddenly.

Seriously, if this algorithm is as good as those journos seem convinced, it could write a complete world of fakes. Think Wikipedia pages about algo-dreamt ‘facts’ including a consistent system of references.

We might quip about it today, but in the hands of, say, an authoritarian mad ruler with an already large following this might bring propaganda to a level even which I have difficulty to, erm, picture.


Scary. But this is where we are heading.

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Obviously we need a crash project into AI editors.

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For the record, in a night deprived of sleep I liked your short story.


Thank you!

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