So, I'm the only person posting to BoingBoing's Google+ Group

That’s what I do use. I’d personally rather keep social networks and feed readers separate. Facebook is useful for following news about friends or articles that get them thinking, but if they have a site for that I’ll just put it on my Feedly account along with BB and cut out the clutter.

I initially joined the Google+ group, but then I removed myself because I did not really want to see all the community posts in my feed. I have not “liked” their page because I already use RSS to see everything that gets posted to the website.

I have liked them on Facebook but since Facebook “helpfully” shows very little of the pages that I have liked, I am not really bothered by the duplication between Facebook and the RSS feed. I really wish there was a way for me to view everything that a particular page posts (besides just going to that page). I tried a RSS feed for a page, but the formatting was pretty bad.

Wow, you guys sure are having a different social media experience than me.

I have avoided facebook pretty much entirely. I have a fake account that I can use to see stuff that’s only on facebook, but I never use it any more because I find anything that’s only on facebook is either pure crap or interesting but timesucking conversations. I already see enough of both!

Twitter seems pretty useless to me, unless you are some sort of media personality - if that’s your job or fetish, OK, makes sense, but if you don’t have or want “followers” it’s just a highly limited and redundant tool. I have a blog, y’know, I can post 140 characters any time I want. Or more.

But Google+? Hell, it reminds me of early bOINGbOING. I see things there like a guy that built a 3-d printer that uses metal waste from a bandsaw for feedstock and artificial lightning to sinter it, the rockin’ cyanogenmod community, updates from the School for Bears, Linus Torvalds with amusing rants about bad software, Will Shetterly posting a video of Gomez and Morticia Adams to the tune of Lehrer’s “the Masochism Tango” - etc., etc., etc. it’s just endlessly amusing, and quite deep and rich. Are you sure you guys are doing it right?

I mean, maybe I’m just super mega geeky but I don’t see much wrong with G+ that isn’t wrong with every other “social” platform, and the content is great. Check out the “Makers, hackers, artists & engineers” community for example.

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