So many dwarf sunflower seedlings

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Get those mammoths in the ground asap. Sunflowers do tap roots and the mammoth flowers won’t grow mammoth if the tap root is blocked by a pot, even if just for a bit. I sow sunflowers directly into the ground for that reason. I also sow all the seeds because we have rabbits who love to eat the seedlings. If I get 30 seedlings, I might have 5 flowers in the end.
Sunflowers are good for bees. The pollen helps keep them healthy. If you have more places to plant, like a long a fence, do it! Sunflower pollen has medicinal, protective effects on bees -- ScienceDaily
ETA I don’t begrudge the bunnies the seedlings. I just want a few flowers for myself and the native bees


Two of the three are now in their forever homes.


Dang, missed out again. Mondays suck…

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This reminds me that i need to figure out what i want to grow from a seedling this year. Last year i went a bit overboard with pepper seeds, they struggled with the winter here in TX but i’m hoping they’ll bounce back. I might see if i can do a small tomato plant but i might get randomly obsessed with something else


Ran off to the garden store for potting soil, pot, and more plants. Brought home strawberries, tomatoes and tomatillos.


Corn and sunflowers are not really transplantable. They grow really fast so just wait till the ground is warmed up and stick the in the dirt. I live in Illinois and I can attest that neither sunflowers or corn need transplanting. You will probably wind up with a lot of badly damaged plants.
Transplanting tomatoes and peppers work because they are finicky about soil temperature and are very slow to germinate unlike corn and sunflowers.
Gardening is a great way to introduce your child to nature and the food supply.


I have many bird feeders and squirrels who love to stash seeds in every flower pot and all over the lawn. I have found that you can transport sunflower seedlings while they are at the two petal stage with a 80%ish success rate and a two inch plant with about a 50% success rate. I never have to plant the seeds, just transport the tiny plants to along the fence so I can use the pots for other plants. Keeping sunflowers in a pot tends to make a spindly gerber daisy size flower with little to no seeds.


How about thai peppers (somehow that’s a specific generic) or enough rosemary to surprise people when they find tofu or whatever wrapped up in it? …then let me know how you did it? #plantingInSand #plantfeedingregimens #grownweedyunderthesolarlanai

…And those cardboard or plastic rings around seedlings to stop cutworms, and little plastic ‘teeth’ to prevent squirrel grazing, don’t have to be all that precisely set.

But I haven’t gotten it to work w. carrots yet. Wish me sensibility?

I have a bunch of large metal cans like gallon size with both ends removed. I put them into the dirt around my transplants it stops cutworms and keeps water concentrated around the roots. They are really good for fertilizer that’s dissolved in water. I leave the cans all summer. Tomatoes and peppers really love the cans. Nothing stops squirrels except dogs and guns.

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