You can eat a sunflower like corn on the cob

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Seems like you’re going to be passing a helluva lot of splinter’y shell bits relative to corn on the cob (“what kinda pansy er ya!? gotta show your intestines whos da boss!”)


Looks like the trick is to get a sunflower that’s old enough its seeds are full, but not old enough that their shells have hardened.

Also worth a note: Emmy decides in the video that although you can eat the seeds like corn on the cob, it’s a “much more pleasant experience” to simply rake them out with a fork.


BBS all over it already:


I bet that anyone who does this deeply regrets that much fiber intake after about 24-48 hours of gut transit…

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Dunno if I’d try this, but Emmy’s channel is delightful. If you’re at all interested in a wide range of food and cooking topics, you should be a regular viewer. She’s charming, interesting, and humble.

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