So much great vintage Halloween stuff at my local flea market this month

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I adore flea markets, but I have yet to figure out how to make that work while living in a tiny space. :frowning:


Aww, Gus Was a Friendly Ghost was part of my treasured book collection when I was on my dad’s book-of-the-month club membership.


For some reason, it’s the paper trick-or-treat bags that bring back especially fond memories for me.

Since we’re sharing Halloween memories, one of my favourites was going to a house owned by someone who I assume was involved in the TV miniseries version of “The Martian Chronicles”. When the person opened the door dressed in this costume (complete with robe and glowing eyes), my 10-year-old sister took off like a shot down the street and back home.



Plastic pumpkin buckets were too small!


I vaguely remember that Gus the Ghost book

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One of my favorites too!

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They should do White Elephant Sale once a month too.

I always wonder where these mythical flea markets and garage sales full of wonderful vintage stuff exist. I’ve been to the local one, the oldest stuff is from the early 2000s, at best, and it’s without exception the most bland, boring garbage you could imagine.

Great post and blog entry, really got me in the mood. Do they not make those orange and black paper treat bags anymore?

I don’t know how kids got suckered into that pumpkin scam. Parents truly just don’t understand Halloween. When did kids stop using paper shopping bags for treat collections? As I recall they even made ones with the same themes as those treat bags.

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I think it was because the handles would tear away under the weight of the candy, IIRC. My friends and I switched to pillow cases.


How is that a bad thing @knoxblox?

What, candy on the ground, or pillowcases? Pillowcases were so much win!

So much candy your bag breaks of course. :partying_face:

In our house, the Dad Tax was pretty steep.


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