So satisfying: Plants growing timelapse compilation

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It’s like Day of the Triffids, only cute.


For grasshopper feed, we sprout and grow ~6 m2 (~65 ft2) of wheat grass each week. I’m so used to seeing them sprout that it was fantastic to see the peas and cucumbers send out those searching tindrils


It really is! A very apt description.

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Seeds sprouting are well known paranormal activity. Or maybe that’s just when they don’t have an upbeat of a soundtrack.

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I love timelapses. If you like this check out the Plants episode of BBC’s “Life,” the crazier sequel to Planet Earth. Also Planet Earth II.

Anyway the bit that really caught my attention here was how you could see the dirt “breathing” as the roots grew and drank in the moisture (I’m guessing).


Oh, and don’t forget about The Private Life of Plants.

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