Things growing in soil

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Grass is like the cats of weeds. Looks pretty, require little maintenance and the owner is happy to have you around. Somehow over time it realized if it doesn’t pull the shit it’s cousin Dandelion does, then humans will give it water and nutrients and love above all else.

Stay on our good side, we’ll overlook the negatives (like chemical runoff, pesticide exposure, dead mice in our shoes)…



(Motel Hell is 40 years old this year)

Soil Cross Section also reminds me of the students growing their own bean in our second grade classroom. I remember we got them to germinate, but can’t remember what happened to them afterward.


So, um, I’m confused… this is HGTV? :thinking:

Home and Garden TV, watch grass grow, 24/7


Home and Garden TV, watch paint dry, 24/7

Watch grass grow?! No thanks, I’d rather watch paint dry.

It’s pretty impressive how well the corn determines which way is up and down. We’re talking very small masses here. I guess the mechanism somehow integrates such noisy measurements over a lot of time.

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