So, what did I just witness?

I was at the local megamart, and I was loading my groceries into the back of my car. I look over at a nearby grocery cart corral – one of those covered ones – and I notice there’s this guy standing inside, and he’s doing something.

What he’s doing is he’s got about a dozen of those big, double boxes of Cheerios, and he’s opening each box up, one by one, and pulling out the cereal in the sleeves, and putting them, plastic sleeve and all, into a big black plastic trash bag. When he’s all done, he ties up the trash bag, and carries it off somewhere, presumably to his car, I couldn’t see. Then he comes back and stomps all over the empty yellow cereal boxes, and crushes them flat, and then puts them in the trash can in the kiosk.

I was going to ask him what he was up to, but came to the conclusion that he was completely loony tunes, and I didn’t want to get too involved. Anyone have any theories about what this guy was up to?


Volumetric compaction? Maybe he drives a Geo Prism and needs the space saved by de-boxing?


Maybe he really likes Cheerios and he got a great deal, but doesn’t have a lot of room? Or maybe he works at a Residence Inn-type place and they need a temporary fix until their distributor comes through?


Maybe he juuuuust starting learning how to box, and is taking it slow on his dainty knuckles with the “heavy bag.”

Also, unless this all occurred in Second Life (still a pretty good story) or I missed a memo, check yer category

Yeah, my thought would be that it’s a lot easier to transport a large number of cereal packages in just the bags rather than in the boxes. Less space used, none of the sharp corners that could tear through bags, some weight savings…


Ah. Didn’t realize that was what “offworld” meant. Thanks for the heads up.[quote=“LDoBe, post:2, topic:80825”]
Volumetric compaction?

Good idea, but what would one guy need with what amounts to 24 boxes of Cheerios?

Could be a mormon buying cereal for his small mormon family.


He could have been preparing a prank…? Dumping a bunch of cheerios into someone’s car might be funny, and not destructive.




Is this one of those “lateral thinking” puzzles?

My answer is that a motel owner with a small car was stocking up for the breakfast buffet.


I’m just impressed that he broke down the boxes for recycling. We should all be so conscientious with our cereal packaging.


When I was hiking a lot, that was the post-grocer process: Debox everything down to the closest layer of wrapping. Saves a hell of a lot of room and weight.

As for the amount…who knows? Mix for fish food? He likes pigeons but doesn’t want to use bread? Really, really likes cheerios? Rule 34?

Wait. Yep. Rule 34.


We need to win this War on Memes before it ruins more lives.

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