So wholesome: This dad raps popular kid's books

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Llama llama red pajamas!
pop up llama GIF by Shaun the Sheep


Well, not for nothin’ but… we spent a whole bunch of hours listening to Eric Stoltz’s cover of Snuggle Puppy. Sure, it’s no hip hop masterpiece. But after 3 kids, the whole Philadelphia Chickens album is indelibly etched in my wife and my brain. Snuggle Puppy - YouTube

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So showing this to my children’s librarian!

This got me wondering “has anyone rapped the Dr. Seuss books?” and the answer is “of COURSE they have, dummy.”


Similarly my first thought. I used to be so good at fox in socks. And my daughter was listening hard for every little trip up!

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Well??? Why did the Llama one end early?? What happened to Mama Llama??

Oh to hear Blind Fury rap Green Eggs and Ham! Or Tupac doing If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.

What children’s tracks has Snoop done? Marshal Mathers crushing The little Red Hen?

Oh this is low hanging fruit and I want more.

… Digital Underground doing Oh the Places You’ll Go

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That’s great kid. Now go the f@&$ to sleep.


Ludacris did it a few years ago.


Green Eggs and Ham a la Moxy Fruvous (someday I will learn how to type the umlaut)

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