Social Justice Kittens: the postcards

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Fight the power kittens.


I pray MRA puppies is a joke. It’s a joke, right?


There are a lot of people who won’t get the humor.

For some, the joke’s on them.


Well, considering these are a joke, I expect those to be too.


I can’t even tell any more if “social justice warrior” is a genuine pejorative.


Oh yes, it is pejorative, right up there with “libtard.”

As for these cards, I guess the point is that those who care about the less fortunate, or point out that they themselves are being treated wrong, are just a bunch of little pussies? If so, I’m not buying it (nor them).


I think it’s a very subjective pejorative - one of my sweeties would fit the description quite well and is happy to use the SJW label for themselves. (They’ve even considered dressing up in a suitably decorated costume for some event or another.) They would take it as a compliment, not an insult.

The cards seem much the same way - the partner of which I speak would love them, actually. I think they’re pretty adorable and love the messages, so … yay? Additionally: if that’s the intent, personally I’d just shrug. I don’t consider ‘pussy’ to be an insult(*), and I’m anything but little.

(* - Hell, I can even give them the lecture about gendered insults. Really, that’s just asking for it, isn’t it?)




This is ableist against the tone deaf.


It’s been reappropriated by some, see e.g. Olly Moss’ lovely graphic.

As to the kittens: they’re intended to mock people, not to affirm their views and/or hardships. Tejaratchi has a long history of criticizing “SJWs”.

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These are like those cringy minion memes except with a big dollop of self righteousness.

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That’s a shame, because I really do like the images, but I can also see the attempt. (Admittedly, I still think it fails, simply because I don’t see anything wrong with the messages on the cards - they seem a bit zealous, but not far enough for the usual trolls. Perhaps I’m just not used to such subtle trolls?) Still, given the history of this person … yeah, no sale, even if they were available.

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A joke at the expense of MRAs, which would certainly be a bit less irritating than these, which seem to be a joke at the expense of liberal ‘SJWs’…

“You are jeopardizing my well-being with your violent refusal to agree” was the one that made it pretty clear to me that these were caricatured jokes at the expense of those kooky libruls.


It seems to be more a gentle ribbing at people who can occasionally take themselves a little too seriously. SJWs who are easily offended will get offended, SJWs who share his sense of humour will find it funny, because they see a parody of themselves and laugh it off. I don’t know his politics, but that seems to be where he’s coming from:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to my safe space:


This one is my favourite.


I reposted the “any word can be a trigger” one on Twitter (200k followers) not because I don’t empathize with triggering, but because I think the very idea of anyone anywhere being triggered by the actual words “labradoodle”, “crisp”, or “sacajawea” is abso-fucking-lutely hilarious. :laughing:

(bonus for including both orthopaedic and orthopedic)

The words they chose are just so sublime and amazing. It’s genius. I did get hassled about reposting that from some quarters, but screw those people. My love for words made me do it.


That one relies a lot more on the definition of SJW - I think it’s important to take social justice seriously without taking yourself too seriously and without making every personal interaction into a front in the social justice war. Looking back particularly to university life, some people from a variety of religious, social, political and other perspectives used their views as a way to take offense at everything and excuse the fact that they couldn’t get on with others very well.


Depends entirely on the context.

Serious using it as an insult is kinda like calling someone a “race traitor”; it says more about the speaker than the subject.