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Russian Hacker

Now that’s some awesomeness right there.


Which card do I get for pointing out that it says “a undesidered”?


Ha! This poster is truly great. I didn’t even know what ‘undesidered’ meant, but I kinda could have guessed. The origin, here:

Origin and Etymology of desiderable. Middle English, from Latin desiderabilis, from desiderare to long for, miss, desire + -abilis -able.


If anyone finds out if these will be sold, please post here or message me.

I want three of these for Christmas gifts RIGHT DAMN NOW.


I emailed him at the address on his site, and this is his reply:

thank you for contacting me,
in these months I’m really busy with my job as an illustrator,
I’m planning to arrange an online shop as soon as possible
I’ll keep you posted, once it’s online I’ll tell you!
thank you so much
take care

So stay tuned, or just send him some PayPal as a down payment and cross your fingers! Illustrators can always use PayPal!


Needs a skeptic card.


“Bullshit detector to 11.”

Also: Internet gaming/MMORPG. Sucked into alternate universe, lose touch with reality


The numbered cards have apples and blackberries, windows and 'droids.


A full set is needed. Surely there’s a publisher who would like to collaborate with him on this?


His whole site is pretty awesome. And yes, I would buy a set or two of these.


Skeptic: “You find Infowars laughable and oddly troubling.”
Skeptic Reversed: “Infowars is the only beacon of truth.”


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