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What does this tell us about the effects of the Warsaw Uprising, however?

Stroop, the SS commander who oversaw most of the Nazi operation was perhaps most upset by the fact that the resistance managed to fly the Polish and Jewish resistance flags for several days. The propagandistic value of that is definitely difficult to quantify, but most certainly played a role in the war going forward.

I should have said something like “Snark aside, btw, I think that…”

The comment I responded to specifically, from my point of view, is one that represents a typical US citizen’s analytical conception that revolution in this country is Borgian- resistance is futile. Using the capacity of US armed forces as the firmament for the argument negates the role that other social structures play in determining the course of events for any insurrection, reducing the discussion essentially to decontextualized statistics.

I see your point, and I understand you trying to give an example of how this powers aren’t completely invincible. I was just in the mood to point why I believe that this methods aren’t the basis for our struggle, and that class struggle can inspire some in the military with working-class origins to break with their chain of command in revolutionary epochs.

From my point of view, this scenario is probable, perhaps likely. But I don’t think it’s a given and depends on a range of factors whose outcomes we can only guess at. Horizontal political organization is crucial, in any event.

Yeah, but it’s crucial to think what the social basis of an insurrection is. For example, I believe the capitalist restoration in China has a lot to with the role of the peasantry there and their interests. Also whether you are basing your movement around the day-to-day class struggle, something that will shape the society you are trying to help build.

I don’t believe in purely “horizontal” organizations either, a bit from experience maybe more than theory. Pure consensual decision making is impractical today. Also information and power is asymmetrical and will be until we establish full-communism, so we have to live with people with more practical authority over some matters, with some mechanism to avoid turning it in into authoritarianism. Once I understood Democratic Centralism and saw it in practice, that was the moment I started even believing you could build an actually revolutionary movement, it was one of the things (together with the rise of the struggles here in Brazil) that took me out of the misanthropic, nihilist, apathetic state I was in.

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You joke, but crowdfund is just a new word for what Unions and working-class parties have been trying to do for ages :stuck_out_tongue:


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