Sock-puppet- and traffic-analysis-resistant group conversation protocol


This is wonderful. I hope it becomes the new normal.

I had look at the linked article but it doesn’t explain how it prevents me from logging in from work under a different name and liking my own posts.


There are several PDFs of papers linked there that go into detail about how the system works, for example:

However, most of the anti-Sybil/sock puppetry stuff seems focused specifically on how the system identifies disruptors inherent to this sort of anonymity system (when Bob tries to fool the system into thinking he’s Alice) and don’t really get into the “what if I just run a second client in a virtual machine and route that through a different IP” case.

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What kind of control freak would need such a complex system to facilitate conversation? I mean, it’s nifty in theory, but so are those systems where we elect the President by voting for three-fifths of his opponent or whatever.

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