Solar-powered spinning Mars globe

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What? No canals? Fake!


First I want this, then I look around my room, which I share with a finitely indulgent partner; freaking parachutes, scuba gear parts, weird portable amateur radio and antennas stuff, a rehabilitated pressure helmet, night vision goggles, then also kid and baby toys…
I have(badly) trained myself to play this song in my head when I want-ey stuff outside core topics.

If I can’t somehow justify stuff to somehow serve toward my life as an adventure I just don’t have room or time to clean it up.
(edit, actual music video)

I’ve seen Earthly versions of these solar-powered globes. I wonder what happens if you take one off its stand. Will it keep rolling? This is why I can’t have one. I’d be outside in the dark chasing it around with a flashlight while my spouse yelled, “How old are you?”


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