Easy way to make a self-balancing gyroscopic wheel

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/30/easy-way-to-make-a-self-balanc.html

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It certainly appears to work better than my Greek-inspired gyroscopic wheel did. I used actual gyro.


I must be a battery snob. Can’t watch that without thinking the performance would be better with alkaline. Nevertheless I am surprised there is no commercial version of this product.

Yeesh… that hard drive platter is still polished. Get thee to some emery paper so i can sleep at night. And don’t finish until i see a cloud of micro scratches!

I see this starting to wobble sadly after the 3rd or 4th replacement battery is glued on.

yeah, I was thinking they’d be better off gluing on a battery housing.

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Tzatzikilo da onion spin.

[Please apply to guest-host a week as a coming president’s Press Secretary; I will gladly shave the goatified turnip and crush the dill. My dil go zoom.]


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