Solo Radio uses AI to match songs to your facial expression


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How does it react to balaclavas?


I must have whatever expression nausea causes, because all it plays for me is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Worse, it created a positive feedback loop.


How does this respond to Bell’s palsy? Music that’s half-angry, half-happy?


Ok, Solo Radio…hit me!


I keep getting Tom Waits. Maybe I should start laying off the whiskey.


I too have a device that matches music to my moods. I call it my finger.


Ah, a Johnny Cash fan.


If Trump stood in front of that thing during the debate, he would get Tower Of Power followed by James Brown. Maybe some 80s yuppie stuff like Huey Lewis thrown in there too.


“Money for nothing and chicks for a predetermined sum set via prenuptial agreement.”


I wouldn’t want this. Apparently I have a tendency to frown when I’m concentrating, so I’d probably end up with a lot of Mahler and goth bands.


I keep getting “Head Like a Hole” on repeat. Not all Nine Inch Nails songs, just that one. I blame RBF.


What if I want to listen to music to influence my mood, to be in some other state, not reinforce the one I’m in.

I guess what I really need is a Penfield Mood Organ, but I’m willing to settle for a scent-organ instead.



Rockin the Casbah?

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