Text this number with the name of a musical artist, and an AI responds with lyrics written in that style

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/28/text-this-number-with-the-name-of-a-musical-artist-and-an-ai-responds-with-lyrics-written-in-that-style.html

Rick Astley.

So you put in Radiohead and it gave a word-for-word plagiarized verse from Modest Mouse? Not very impressive, reminds me of my students.


it spits out lyrics in the style of the artist? what if the artist’s style is mimicking the style of other artists? would weird al cause it to go into a recursive loop?


It will just start playing Philip Glass music.


Good lord.



Huh, [Pulls up google translate] “One two three four five six seven eight nine ten”

Seems legit.

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Hm… Texted “Paul McCartney” and just got the lyrics to Hey Jude back…

Tried Deadmau5. got boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants…

Same happened when I texted “Oasis”

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I am guessing not enough training data for some of the artists, so you just get the lyrics of one of the songs they have right back…

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