Solstice at Stonehenge


Hey is anyone at Stonehenge today? Can you take a pic of the sun setting through the stones and post it here?



What sunny weather in the English winter?


details, details


Not me…

Don’t you mean the sun rising?

That isn’t from this year - this is what it actually looked like this morning:

Apparently the temperature was only four degrees colder than the summer solstice.


Superb!!! I thought it was sunset not sunrise, so thanks for informing me. I thought they’d celebrate the end of the shortest day, because the days get longer after that. But they probs had a different purpose, like fishing or zombies or shearing the sheep.



All hail the invincible sun!

We celebrated the Long Night with a huge bonfire, libations, live music, and a most excellent feast that was lit by around a hundred candles.

(And that’s why the sun came up this morning, OK? It’s my story and I’m sticking to it. My US state has lots of restrictions on burning stuff but it has an exemption for ceremonial fires.)


No bonfire here, bit we did keep a candle going through the night. And now Indian food is a tradition for solstice (I made it one, damnit!)

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