Last night was Manhattanhenge: It. Was. Glorious.

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Sometimes you just have to take time to enjoy a sunset.


New Yorkers I know would not be impressed. Take ya pictures and go home, ya tourists!


“a phenomenon that Neil deGrasse Tyson named [sic] in 1992”.

It was called Manhattanhenge or the Manhattan Solstice long before 1992. There’s MIThenge, etc, and geeks have been calling them that at least since the 80s, when I was a baby geek.


That’s neat and all, but as a guy who grew up in the Flint Hills, I think it would kind of suck to only be able to see an amazing sunset a couple of times a year.


oh, new yorkers, it’s amusing to watch you remember that the sun exists outside your huge, concrete canyons.


Some of those images are surely post-processed extensively? Though they are hella nice.

I was eager to go see the event a few years ago. The crowd stood around in the rain desperately hoping for a miracle that would not come to pass. The weather was better the next day, but of course it’s just not the same.

Fortunately there are some clusters of buildings in my city which are reasonably adequate on their own. There’s even one conveniently visible from my apartment building.

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Manhattan Solstice

I like that name better. I’m so sick of endless portmanteaus


My thoughts exactly.

it all started some 2000 years ago at karnak


Here in majestic Milton Keynes; under the leadership of a white witch, the late 1960s city planners laid out the new town so that on one day of the year; Midsummer’s Day, the Sun rises out of the primeval mists of the M1 corridor and shines its welcoming, rejuvinating rays on to the central railway station which has all the haunting beauty of an underachieving shopping mall.

We also have at least three labyrinths - four if you include the notorious road system.

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