Manhattanhenge and Supermoon


If I ever design a city in a grid layout, I would have the grid align with sunrise on the summer solstice just to mess with the heads of archeologists in the future.


And if you want to mess with the heads of drivers today, make the cross streets align with the winter solstice sunset.

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…and then the beam of fiery moonlight strikes the hidden refractors at the tip of the Chrysler building, lancing downward to reveal, only once every seven years, the true resting place of Jimmy Hoffa.


Thanks to Instagram, everyone will know who they were, and what they were doing.

Yeah because Instagram is for kids due to its limited activity, while Facebook is for adults. Either way, your future grandchildren will be reading what you said and learning about what kind of person you were at the dawn of the Information Age. :smiley:

Someone feel free to post the recent XKCD comic on the subject of “super” moon. Meanwhile, here is a link to a photo comparison:


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