Some historical context for America's next bombing campaign



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Who was the last U.S. President prior to Carter who did not order a major military action against another country? Coolidge maybe?


I found this interesting


We really need to change our perspectives - the President is the office, and an individual. The interventionist policies are the machinations of the ruling class. We’re all aware of PNAC, but not enough people understand the role that the CFR and Trilateral Commission have had in dictating what our military, nay, our country does. We’re analyzing the micro actions (Iraq, Egypt, Syria) and not stepping back enough to see the macro. What does the western elite stand to gain through massive military exercises? Destabilization, division, cheap resource acquisition… it’s really a deeper rabbit hole than any of the headlines will allow for discussion and analysis of. And really, what the US is doing, is so deeply evil and wrong, it disgusts me.


Someone on Charlie Stross’s blog posted this link to an Adam Curtis feature. It appears the US has been screwing with Syria’s rulers since 1947. I doubt if it can be expected to keep its fingers away now! (Although Britain just did, to my huge surprise.)

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