Some idiot vandalized the brand new David Bowie statue in England


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His 15 minutes of fame are just starting.


Feed him to the homeless


Love Bowie, kinda think he would approve.


Did the cameras identify and lead to capture of the vandal ? Did they stop him from activating his spray can?


I can understand “feed the homeless” - he’s obviously suggesting (wrongly) that money spent on statues could have been used, and would have been better used, to feed people. I don’t get also defacing a David Bowie memorial with “RIP,” though. That’s like throwing rocks through someone’s window with “I love you” written on them.


I’m of the same frame of mind. Not that i condone the vandalism though, the guy if caught should definitely be held accountable. Though i’m sure Bowie would much prefer to have his name used toward something more useful than a statue. I think its great there’s a memorial there for him… and if this dude really felt like the homeless should be fed then why deface a Bowie statue if its going to cost the city more money to fix?

“And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through."


I basically don’t disagree with the vandal. Nobody needs a Bowie statue. His body of work is immortal. Statues were for stupid generals and kings, but feeding the homeless is a good cause. The statue itself is just an ugly mark of vanity by those who erected it. Those people probably have very little to do with what Bowie stood for and mainly want to cash on visitors.


He could have fed a bunch of homeless people for the price of that paint.


LOL. If this was spray painted on some statue of say Ray Kroc or a Confederate general, or Reagan it would be applauded for its political message of recognizing the homeless plight.

But it sullies of image of a celebrated statutory rapist and great musical talent and suddenly they are an idiot.

Remember to not put your idols too high upon a pedestal :confused:


I think Bowie would find that particular statue uninteresting. The grafitti is also uninteresting but maybe he would think he’d rather the homeless were fed than have a statue especially if it looks like that.


I’m roughly 97% certain that the vandal has never lifted a finger to do anything to help the homeless. The people who actually try to help don’t go for petty attention-seeking bullshit like this.


spray paint money could be used to feed the homeless too


Is the lesson state-sponsored art yes, street art no?


It looks like this statue doesn’t use a pedestal. Or maybe a very low one.


Cities need decorations or they will just be too boring. Why not a statue of Bowie rather than another general? At least Bowie didn’t get famous by killing lots of people.


And very likely coming to an end if there is justice. Poor lonely little nobody wanted some attention


real propaganda is made with stolen paint.

Dude, he Sold The World


yeah no kidding! people always want to venerate someone’s image, but not their words which run counter to their conservative, hagiographic impulse.