Some NYPD cops will begin wearing body cameras “this week,” says NYC mayor de Blasio

Im really happy to see the cameras being tested. I’d still like a functioning camera to be part of the badge. In other words, no camera = no badge = no authority.



They weigh about 3 ounces and are activated by sliding down a lens cover. The camera itself starts filming a 68-degree field of view about 3.8 seconds later.

I predict a lot of ‘immediate aftermath’ videos.


Saying that officers are equipped with cameras to help prevent abusive actions does seem rather analogous to being told that your childrens’ teachers are issued with condoms just in case.

It might help prevent consequences of police abuse but it certainly doesn’t get to the root cause of the issue which is that corrupt and abusive police officers can afford to believe that they won’t face any consequences even if they are caught in the act.

If the followup isn’t screwed, which it may or may not be, this may be a deterrent against such incidents. With the deterrent in place, the attractivity of the job for those certain kinds of personalities will go down. This will increase the quality of the cops, and Officer Friendly may in couple years roam the streets again.

…we can dream, can’t we?..

Obligatory sharing of the reference


I knew I got the analogy from somewhere :slight_smile: Thanks for tracking it down :slight_smile:

Hmmm… yes - I take your point but I have little faith in camera footage actually resulting in indictments given recent events where good video footage has been a) buried or b) ignore.

Cop 1: Dude can you pass me my taser?
Cop 2: Here you go.
Cop 1: No. Taser with an S.
Cop 2: Uh…?
Cop 1: I want the taser with an S - the camera thing, not a tazer with a Z, the fun thing…
Cop 2: Oh. Sorry. You need anything else?
Cop 1: Four candles…


It’s harder to ignore if it is official NYPD footage.

On the other hand, it is possibly easier to loose…

What about streaming the data to third-party (e.g. FBI, or an ombudsman) servers?

Encrypted, with the key available via judge’s request (or another party’s intervention)? (Videos from e.g. entering homes may have high privacy-violating potential, so access has to be allowed only to disputed ones.)

There are different threat models and different options to handle them. A hybrid solution will be needed.

or their partner will, or the other responding officers will, and when they found out you taped them…that blue line is NOT going to be your friend…

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