Police detective suspended for filming his junk with a body cam


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Penal Penile code 34.0


NYPD blues…


The instant you invent a new way to capture pictures, a staggering number of men will immediarely decide to use it to take dick pics. And then send them to random women they meet.

I really don’t understand most men at all.


When I read about junk I was thinking about this. I’m not a native English speaker. Today I learnt a new word, thank you!


Come on, he should lose his badge and gun and be suspended immediately for a full investigation. This is a serious disciplinary offence.

It’s not like he did something petty, like killing an unarmed stranger without warning.


Well, it is a body camera after all…


So he was caught on film manhandling a member of the police force?


As a man, my own gender baffles me most of the time as well. I cannot explain this wierd urge to share images of what has to be our least attractive bits with folks who really do not want to engage in the sharing. I can apologize for my fellow males, but not explain it. No clue.


Oh man, there are puns, and then there are… just… ouch.


Detectives were told they needed to use their body cams to gather hard evidence.


If movies teach us anything, it’s that this will be the start of his new career as a private dick.


Say what you will but a well-placed bodycam might have shed some light on that recent Walmart shooting.


That article could have been a transcript from a Brooklyn 99 episode.


what, lose his gun!? seems extreme, maybe just his weapon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZEV_KQgi10


Well, the subject of the euphemism often looks just as bad.


Exectly what I was going to say.


its their “bestes stück” as its called in germany; men are still in kindergarten when its about their cock, they are so proud of it, especially if its tiny. it really is that simple.




According to a departmental source, the 32 seconds of ill-advised video that Detective Williams shot cost him his Police ID, badge and department-issued weapons: he’s on suspension until the conclusion of the Internal Affairs investigation

He should have filmed himself shooting somebody.