Some Russians made a 'fidget spinner' out of beater cars


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What a time to alive!


In Russia, fidget spins you?


Late stage capitalism. Now the skills of keeping beat up Ladas on the road are no longer needed, what else are Russian mechanics supposed to do?
Better this than some of the alternatives I can think of.

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No, things do not go better with Coca-Cola. Late stage shark jumping.


Well, that’s one fidget spinner that little kids can’t swallow.


Methinks the fidget spinner craze is jumping the shark.

But what will happen to Boing Boing? What’s next? They tear down the Haunted Mansion?


Tsk. More like how not to build a spinner.

Break the cars apart, rotate each half-car 120 degrees counter-clockwise, then reconnect them…


I would argue more of an orbiter than a spinner.



that’s not a spinner car - this is a spinner car


I knew I was too late to get this on in.


This would never be street legal in California, because G-DDAMN REGULATORS!

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