Guy nearly maims his ladyfriend with rocket-powered fidget spinner

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That guy is really pushing his luck. His safety measures are almost non-existent in most of his videos.


Back in my day we called that a Catherine wheel, after a saint who was tortured to death in a particularly horrific way.

Fidget spinner is a much cuter name.


But did it help his ADHD?


Sure, if he gets a blow to the head from one of the rocket engines.

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I was just thinking that - can you not buy Catherine wheels in firework shops now?


Yeah I think I’d want a lot more stuff between me and that. Either lexan shield like Mythbusters or I’d take the car.

At least he had safety squints.

Remember, Madam Currie and the like are heroes because they didn’t really know yet the danger of what they were doing.

Also, part of those pops at the end is the secondary charge pop open the parachute on a rocket.


E9 motors are CATO*-prone but have very long burn times; three seconds or so. One would take a light weight rocket (say 1.35" x 20") to 1000’ or more.

I would have started out with MUCH smaller motors, and for CRIPES sake do it in a parking lot far away from anything flammable. A concrete dumpster housing niche would be perfect.

*“Catostrophic failure”


I used to live in the same town as these people. I’ve not met the fellow, but his ‘ladyfriend’ is a nice person who I met at a volunteer event. She seemed pretty normal.


Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. ¯\(ツ)

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At least wear padded clothing, for goodness sakes.

I’ve always enjoyed The Backyard Scientist’s videos, but I bet his neighbors hate him by now.


I don’t think that a device that’s sitting out in the open, laid bare, and from the get-go obviously dangerous can be called a “deathtrap”.

Hair-splitting: Mission accomplished!


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“Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner” - The name of my band.

I hope his ex-girlfriend is okay.

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