Somehow I never saw 1991's "Cool As Ice"


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I’ve seen more recent interviews with him and, to his credit, he recognizes and takes full ownership of the boob he was in the 1990s.


Guy I work with has Vanilla Ice as a cousin. Showed me pictures from the last family reunion. I expected to see a washed up, middle aged douchebag… NAILED IT!!



The Rifftrax’d version (which I think is on Amazon Prime Video) softens the blow a little bit.


Janeane Garofalo sure looked different back then.


When a girl has a heart of stone, there’s only one way to melt it. Just add Ice.


You must watch it and then rewatch it. The joy of laughing at it in derision definitely falls under “wonderful things.”

I’ve def shown it to all of my friends. It’s a must watch.


Ahhhhh-ha-ha-ha! The Sony Sportsman! My first brush with ‘break-resistant’ technology that I immediately broke.




The movie itself is an absolute shitfest, but the look of it is pretty great.

As it turns out the cinematographer, Janusz Kamiński, went on to work on a few films from a low-level auteur by the name of Speilberg…

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Somehow I never saw 1991’s “Cool As Ice”

That’s the cinematic equivalent of “Somehow I made it through the '80s without getting herpes!”


Fun fact: Cool as Ice and Schindler’s List share a cinematographer (who won the Best Cinematography Oscar for the latter film).


I’ve actually seen it during a night of drinking with friends and watching shitty movies, this movie is… really something else.


The trailer leaves me to believe it is a story of vehicular assault and repeated unwanted advances.


Even being stoned out of your mind (as I was for a large part of the 90s), the movie was still barely watchable.


That really is the gist, and somehow it works for him.



You’re not wrong lol. At this point you should watch it and report back.


Huh. Not only did I miss Cool as Ice, I also lived through all these years thinking Ice was from Toronto. He’s not Canadian at all. Whew! No idea why I thought that.