Someone just created a House of Leaves-style DOOM mod

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PowerPak does a fantastic breakdown of the map over here:

I started watching it on Sunday while doing the ironing thinking it was going to be something throwaway, but I got completely sucked in.
Whoever really made this, it’s a spectacular achievement, even just from a technical perspective. It does things that it’s generally accepted Doom can’t do, and it does so with incredible subtlety.

I’m not sure I’ll ever play the mod myself, but thankfully, the video helps me appreciate the achievement.


Like a psychosis simulator. Probably a bad idea to play this while on psychedelics.


I’m attempting to play through this so I’m not going to watch the video, but I was sold on the mod when I died (>50 yo reflexes, sigh), walked away during the menu screen, then returned to a black screen and an annoying beeping sound. I thought the game had crashed, then I pressed the ESC key and the player character slowly woke up in a hospital level.

Update: This is pretty great. I’m sure I’m missing at least 1/2 of it though. Also, wow- my FPS skills are shit. Thank goodness the console cheats still work.


Or do they?

Well, some of them do.

GIVE ‘x’ doesn’t work in the myhouse maps but works fine in the underhalls. NOCLIP dumped me in a Back Rooms style area with a distinctly non-Doom enemy that killed me a few times before I found my way out. FLY works, GOD works, but it’s hard to say how using the cheats impacts the play through. In the second iteration of the house there doesn’t seem to be a way to progress without using NOCLIP, and given the overt House of Leaves references (“Navidson Realty”, har har), the idea that you’d have to tweak the meta game to get the full picture seems pretty likely.

EDIT: I was wrong; there was a way through the second iteration without using NOCLIP, but it’s easy to miss.

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