Someone made a musical about Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain


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That was amusing but the real gem was the song for ZomBeavers. How has Boing Boing not told me about this!


Co-starring Lawrence Fishburne and Samuel L. “The OTHER Black Guy” Jackson


All I have to say is look at the chin. Jessica C has a, very lovely, unique chin.


So, that’s two article about productions about people who lie or make “fact”-based movies that are lies. Going for a Fark-style trifecta?


I do not know who these people are. If I was cool would I know who these people are? Like, if I had a teevee?


We’re all very impressed that you don’t have a television or know how to use Google. You must be very sophisticated. Thank you for telling us.


Oh, good. You’re welcome.


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