Someone’s selling a “haunted” acoustic guitar for $666

Lest we forget! Guy Clark, “The Guitar.” (I’m unable to link, but this YouTube video ID is a live performance. iHxOego2Sso )

Those are nice looking guitars. Is the lead time anywhere close to Linda Manzer’s 10 year waiting list?

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That’s a Kay, maybe branded as Silvertone for sale through Sears at one point. Some of the flat top Harmonys from that era are pretty good guitars, but that one looks like it would probably be a poor playing, poor sounding log. The two metal pieces on the bridge, the three screws on the pickguard, all signs of cheapness. You’ll be lucky if the intonation is even good.

So yes, it’s definitely “damned.”

My mom grew up in Hiawatha, KS where all the streets are named after Indigenous Tribes. When I was young, my grandparents live on Kickapoo Street.



That has to be the most forced and lazy ad copy I’ve ever read…

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Do you meet the seller at the crossroads?

Dude needs to get a time machine and go back to turn of the century eBay, when people were still into that kind of thing.

This made me think about an exquisitely scary book written by Joe Hill, about a too rich for his own good former heavy metal rock star who’s into all sorts of satanic and devilish collectables who buys a haunted suit. If you’re into haunted guitars, you’d also be into this book. Heart Shaped Box.


I just sold my Silvertone amp last February! No matter what you played on that thing, it sounded like a Kinks song, it was great. Less great was the buzzing and lack of grounding that lead me to getting electrocuted by own guitar several times. (Sadly, this did not give me superpowers either, just kind of left me feeling light-headed and shaky)


I had a Silvertone amp too, years ago-- same problem with grounding. For years I had a vintage Supro amp, also came with the standard two-prong ungrounded plug, I had Aztech electronics in Watertown MA put on a three-prong plug so it was useful (yes, modifying a vintage amp, it would be shameful if not for the fact that I rescued it from Goodwill, missing all the tubes and the original speaker.)


My amp had belonged to my dad very briefly when he was 13. He got grounded, my grandparents gave it to his aunt and uncle for keeping … and it stayed in the basement for 40 years until my dad’s uncle passed away.

I sold mine to the Fenway Guitar Center for around $600. Kinda wish I knew there was someone in Watertown who could have done that work! But also, I needed to downgrade and consolidate anyway.


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