Someone tracked all the songs played on "WKRP in Cincinnati"


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Has anyone ever re-assembled a version of the show with the original music? (distributed via torrent, natch)


I’m impressed they caught the Mozart piece.


Don’t forget the last word! “BOOGER.”


As great as that sounds, I’ve heard that WKRP was one of those shows that originally aired with one set of music, but didn’t have perpetual rights on the music and so different music was plugged in for syndication.

Does anyone have definitive answer to this?


Well, the Shout Factory release a few years back restored ~90% of the original music, if I recall. Shouldn’t be too difficult for someone to do a derivative of that to restore the rest (and offer the episodes where changes were made up to the torrent gods).


Bailey was a big crush of mine, growing up…


Someone watched reruns of WKRP in Cincinnati, tracked all the songs played on the show, and then put them in this spreadsheet.

I am filled with sorrow.


You’re likely correct. Seems like it was either re-edit once the rights were up or be barred from syndication and home video like “The Wonder Years” was. Here’s some background:


Me, too. But as an adult I’m on team Jennifer. I wasn’t a sophisticated enough viewer as a kid to recognize the depth of Jennifer’s character, or the fact that she was always the smartest person in the room, and that that was the joke – she, not Mr. Carlson, was the de facto station manager.


I don’t see why - WKRP is one of the great shows of TV history!



As I was going to take up the challenge on creating the WKRP Spotify playlist (and having actually gotten through the first season) I noticed that the last page of the spreadsheet already had a link to it:

WKRP Spotify Playlist

Praise the internet!


You missed the even more obsessive link

Did a song’s appearance on WKRP In Cincinnati help out its chart performance?


I remember that recognizing Bailey’s charms (over Jennifer’s) was the mark of a sophisticated and discerning nature.


TheBox had almost every John Peel show ever as a torrent, which I grabbed when they went freeleech just before the BBC had it taken outside and shot, but I dropped the HDD they were on a week later and ruined it :cry:


not sure about torrent, but i purchased a complete bootleg set years ago on DVD from ebay that had all the original music in place. music was so critical to that show, i can’t believe they ever tried to put out versions without it.


Did they play the Clash on the original run? I seem to remember Train in Vain being played.


I haven’t seen it in the spreadsheet. : )


There was a VHS box set of the show that was available at Discount Clearance Bargain Stores right as everyone was abandoning the VHS format. The VHS set had all of the original music, I believe, and the subsequent DVD box sets did not. I believe that’s why the VHS sets were yanked back from the market almost simultaneously with their release, because of a licensing dispute. But, that’s just a vague memory, and I will defer to any Happy Mutant who knows the actual facts.

…I’ll bet you can still scare up that VHS box set…

I held the WKRP box set in my hand, but my spouse (now my X) immediately began throwing a hissy fit and forbade me to buy it. Later, when I ran into the VHS box set of the director’s cut of Das Boot, I made sure I returned to the store sans X to buy it. I still binge watch it about once every 2-3 years.

I’ve always regretted not getting the WKRP set when I had the chance. Never cave in to someone’s hissy fit.