Something is different about David Lynch's weather report today

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I’ve been wondering about the meaning or significance of the shifts in color of his weather reports. Recently they have become bluer and fuzzier. I wondered if it reflected most recent events. Today is hilarious. It wouldn’t be David Lynch if there were a clear correlation or easily spun out meaning. It just is, and what it resonates in me may or may not be intended. It does, however, always seem to be about film, reality, imagination.


Black out Tuesday


What a lovable odd ball.

I have heard pros and cons for Black Out Tuesday, but I think this one was done right.


Never knew David Lynch to be so direct.


He was showing of his new sink and urinal the other day.

Hyperminimalism, innit.

So I wanna know if anyone has asked him WHY he is doing weather reports.

Of course, he might not know either.

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“Welcome To Night Vale”: We got a cool weather report feature!
David Lynch: posts his empty chair as he gets some damn fine coffee

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