David Lynch says today's number is 8

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I don’t what confuses me more: what role the black paint serves, or why the need to mark the numeral 8 so that it’s not viewed upside-down?


So it won’t be read as an infinity instead.

But that just raises the question of why he’s done it to the seven.


Oh god. What happens when Lynch actually does pull the infinity ball?


A number, sure, but shouldn’t there be a letter as well? Is Lynch rejecting Sesame Street’s well-established norms by not including “and today’s letter is…”?

Also, as a programmer, it pains me a little that the numbers are 1 through 10 instead of 0 through 9.


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“Today’s number is… ‘L’?? Oh, I guess that means ‘50’.”

Try teaching a kid to count that way and they’ll get freaked out they’re missing a finger.

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In a surprise move, David Lynch was arrested today for running an illegal lottery.


Lynch is a director. I seriously doubt he’d ever pull a random number in a video he’s in control of. Even if he would he’d cut and re-take it as many times as necessary to get the result he wanted.

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True randomness at one bit a day. Now we wait for the RFC next April.

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