What is the deal with this parking lot numbering system?





I’d like to know where to get one of those cars you can park by standing it up on its rear bumper.


Presumably they covered up the 87 spot because it would give the whole trick away?


You’re looking at it from the wrong end. If you were looking at it from the other end of the stalls, it would be (L-R from that viewpoint) 86, 87(covered by the car to avoid giving it away), 88, 89, 90, 91.


Those of us who can read upside-down numbers as easily as right-side-up numbers don’t understand why this is even a puzzle.


The markings on the parking spots are meant to be read sideways. The car is an infiniti model, and is parked over a symbol that reads “8”


In the Futurama episode A Big Piece of Garbage they activate a bomb to destroy an astroid made of trash. The professor tells them it has 25 minutes, and it starts ticking down…


Didn’t Car Talk (Click and Clack) do this on their show?


you mean spot L8 under the car?


“Can you explain why the parking lot stalls are numbered this way?”

Yes, yes I can.

Next question.


Took about 5 seconds. Helps to be dyslexic I guess.


My years in the printing industry did me some good (apart from, y’know, the paychecks).


I got 0 00, does that mean I roll on a new table, or twice again on this one?


That’s a 100. Let me check the chart.

A dense, almost certainly magical fog quickly rolls into the parking lot. When it dissipates, a Bugatti Veyron is parked in front of you and a key for it is in your pocket.


Unlock car with key.


Didn’t Car Talk (Click and Clack) do this on their show?[/quote]

if so, it was probably on the third half of the show.


Hi, glad you enjoyed the puzzle. I wrote it!

Just to show how global the world is - I’m a UK author, that graphic was taken from the Chinese version, the OP was “Mike from Spain” who found the book in Hong Kong!


David J. Bodycombe


You don’t need to be dyslexic to get this in about that time.


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