Something may have just struck Jupiter, and amateur astronomers captured images


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Shoutouts to the Magnetosphere of Jupiter



To an untrained eye like mine, it looks like a comet torn apart by Jupiter’s gravity falling into its gravity well and burning up/exploding in what looks like 4 separate events: 1 at the beginning and 3 at the end.


Jupiter and Saturn are the Rombas for the solar system…they sweep up stuff so it doesn’t make it to Earth…Thanks Jupiter! And you too Saturn.


Wrong: I searched for a video of a cat riding either Jupiter or Saturn and came up with squat…
However I will give you a “Plausible” based upon this voyager image:


Probably a submarine.


It was ISIS. No doubt about it.


“…not too terribly surprising, because Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, with the most mass.”

Someone has summarized our Solar System as:
the Sun, Jupiter, and assorted debris.


I would like to thank our neighbor Jupiter for eating up all (or most) of those comets and stray asteroids that could just as well strike Earth.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re fat, you just have lots of gravitational pull.


I support this theory 100%
Now, let’s shift those Pentagon $$$s to NASA!


hmmm… well. it seemed to me a launch of some kind. it clearly bubbles up from the surface, throws open the clouds, and then disappears. must be so small that it doesn’t have a reflection as it jets out into space. i figure a rocket from a russian cloud base.


what if jupiter just, like, sneezed or something?


Naah… I figure it’s Nazis. Just a publicity stunt for a sequel to Iron Sky.


oh a sequel, of course! the big question though is: is it full of stars? :wink:


If you zoom in just a little more…


Better jupiter than us?


[Quantifying Jupiter’s influence on the Earth’s impact flux: Implications for planetary habitability.]


Seeing how Jupiter is a gas giant and not much solid mass for an item to impact…wouldn’t said object simply enter it’s atmosphere and disappear?