Somewhere a mountain is shouting your tweets


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Are they located on planet Jubal?

1 - Read this post.

2 - Thought it would be a better idea if you could pay someone somewhere to actually shout your tweets into a mountain valley.

3 - Proposed it to 'vestors, now I gots 10 mil in venture capital burning a hole in my wallet.

Carry on.


Cool idea, very nice graphics, didn’t work for me at all. Not a single word!

I guess today is “if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything” day on the internet.

I can help out with that problem. It’s a service I provide. Also, this valley needs to be built in Minecraft.

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this is oddly soothing.

Will it work if you say “sneak peak” in your tweet?


Fantastic. Three hours wasted on the #mountains.

Yodelr ™
Money, please.


Dagnabit @deadalaus that was my idea exactly. I want in on it.

I believe that this will be a recognized as a major conceptual turning point for how we use the internet.

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